NGOC is Retiring! Start your Transition to Salesforce NPSP Today

Matthew Nielsen
NGOC is Retiring! Start your Transition to Salesforce NPSP Today

NGO Connect (NGOC) has been an essential resource to nonprofits and higher education institutions, offering essential fundraising, event, membership, and volunteer management tools with one solution. You may have heard the news that it will be retired on January 31, 2023. What strategy should you begin implementing for your organization to migrate to another solution? How would our team advise you to best prepare for the change?

Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack Changes up the Game

NGO Connect was originally created by roundCorner, an organization acquired by Salesforce in 2019. Ultimately, Salesforce decided to move their nonprofit customers to a package managed by their own team: Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP). With less than a year left until NGOC retirement, companies must begin making plans to transition their organizations to a new solution.

Migrations are one of the largest challenges in many CRM transitions, and NGOC leans into this trend with a fairly complex model around the Opportunity Model (featuring parent and child opportunities). This makes it difficult to handle the migration of recurring donations and hard/soft credit calculations.

The team at Candoris, A CDI Company has already partnered with several organizations in transitioning them away from NGOC. We’ve found that NPSP enables organizations to be more efficient than ever. Operations that required workarounds and manual effort in NGOC are streamlined and automatic within NPSP.

That said, there are functions that were baked into NGOC which require external systems or third-party apps to achieve with NPSP. While this is a value-add and changes the game by offering numerous options to users, it can be confusing. Our team helps organizations navigate the variety of options available to them in making the transition from NGOC to NPSP.

Highlighted Benefits of NPSP

Regular Updates

NPSP receives regular updates that take advantage of Salesforce platform enhancements and new features, whereas NGOC did not.

Payment Processors

NGOC was limited in payment processors, whereas NPSP offers numerous options and the ability to shop for the best rates with a third-party payment processor. Organizations could also choose to deploy a simple giving platform with Salesforce Elevate.

Event Management

There were limited event management features in NGOC, whereas NPSP connects to modern event management tools with robust feature sets via third party tools.


NGOC had a sizable per user additional license cost. NPSP does not (though savings may be negated by payment processors and event management tools).


Work with Candoris, A CDI Company on Your Transition to NPSP

In working with us, you receive a dedicated project manager to guide you through the process and a business analyst to translate your unique processes into use cases and implementation requirements. Our architects detail out solutions that take advantage of best practices around NPSP and Salesforce as a whole before our developers begin their work. We collaborate with you throughout the project, touching base on regular sprint meetings and ensuring your voice is heard. Finally, a user acceptance testing (UAT) phase takes place, where key members of your team can follow scripts to provide feedback on the built solutions before training the rest of your Salesforce users.

The future is bright if you’re ready to take the leap to NPSP in advance of NGOC retirement. Talk to Candoris, A CDI Company for an experienced and trusted guide for your journey!

Matthew Nielsen

Matthew Nielsen, Engagement Manager

Matthew is an Engagement Manager with an impeccable track record of managing a portfolio of complex projects. His experience as an analyst for an international technology services company primed him for this role of building and managing elaborate Salesforce solutions. Matthew has worked with teams across the world on projects including web development, mobile applications, cloud services and smart devices. He graduated from Penn State University with a degree in information science and technology.