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Network Monitoring and Remediation

DID YOU KNOW… that CDI Managed Services Offers Network-Based Monitoring and Remediation?

As new technologies are developed and networks become more complex, proactive network monitoring and management is critical to your business. CDI Managed Services (CDI MS) provides a 24×7 Network Monitoring and Remediation solution to alert you when something goes down, ensuring that you’re protected from lost revenue, lost time, extended outages and other issues that impact your business flow.

Our graphically diverse, redundant network operations centers (NOCs) in Atlanta, Georgia and Parsippany, New Jersey, provides 24×7 monitoring of servers, edge devices, routers, switches, firewalls and unified communications equipment. Our service monitors and proactively responds to issues within your network on a continuous basis.

Specific Tasks Include:

  • Deep monitoring of a large breadth of network attached devices
  • Around-the-clock remote remediation and escalation
  • Powerful alerting engine
  • Multiple shift awareness
  • Powerful dashboard views and reporting

Why CDI Managed Services?
Our monitoring and remediation capabilities expand and enhance the traditional eight-to-five coverage provided by strained internal IT staffs. Our portfolio covers the entire technology management lifecycle — from assessment to design to deployment, to documentation to ongoing support, and services come in a variety of options designed to meet an organization’s unique and specific needs.


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Network Monitoring and Remediation