Key Man Risk Avoidance

Safeguard against dependence on key individuals to maintain business continuity

The most important asset to any business is its people, but that also means they can be a business’s biggest liability – especially when they leave unexpectedly. Relying on key individuals carries risk that if not properly managed, can cause serious harm.

Fortunately, CDI’s Key Man Risk Avoidance solution mitigates the potential disruption and financial impact with business continuity capabilities that include:

  • Integration of key service delivery management resources into client’s IT operations
  • 7×24 flexible access to technology subject matter experts
    • Virtualization/Automation
    • Public Cloud
    • ServiceNow
    • Networking/Storage
    • Security
    • Unified Communications
  • Preventative maintenance and onsite support
  • 7×24 monitoring – optional
  • 7×24 incident management and remediation – optional
Key Man Risk Avoidance

While it’s never easy to lose a key employee, you can make the transition as smooth as possible when you’re prepared. Learn how CDI’s Key Man Risk Avoidance solution enables the continuity of your business operations.