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Riding the Refresh Cycle

Matt Miktus

With almost two decades in various IT realms, an ever-changing landscape of technological innovation, I’ve witnessed a constant tenant – aging hardware needs replacing… perpetually. Regardless of whether or not a company’s core infrastructure is on-premise or cloud hosted, most employees remain terrestrial, as do their hardware companions. At the forefront of the hardware refresh are the workstation (both mobile and static) which seem to rotate out on a two to four-year cycle. Personal communication devices like iPhones, Android, the random Blackberry (people still use these?), seem to be on closer to a two-year cycle unless the bowl of rice couldn’t save it from that mishap at the fountain last Saturday.

Technology Trends Driving Digital Transformation in 2019

Dr. Scott Vinci

Ringing in a new year is always exciting. Setting goals and making resolutions, the anticipation of change. The year ahead for technology is very much the same. But just exactly where are we headed in the months to come? Let’s examine a few trends from the industry movers and shakers.

Voice of the Service Desk

Ryan Kaplan

There are few things in life that grab the attention of IT leaders, and it’s been my experience that there are two rising stars in the world of “What application is best?” for Quality Management of all user interaction and Service Desk interaction to log issues, track progress, and manage incident resolution

Challenges and Trends in Strategic IT Staffing

Cyndy Fuhro

With over two decades of leadership in IT staffing and resource capacity planning, Cyndy Fuhro shares her insight about recruiting, hiring, and retention in IT today.

NetBrain: Redefining Network Automation

Ivan Baez

Recently, I was the proud winner of CDI’s first Idea of the Month contest! I wanted to share a little bit about my submission, how it works, and just how beneficial it can be.