Knowledge19: Recapping a Week of Digital Transformation

Knowledge19 is now behind us and once again it was another year of great presentations, partner events and networking with your peers. What truly makes Knowledge the event it is? It is the ability for the ServiceNow community to gather in one place and share how they have taken the platform to the next level. For those who have been attending shows for a number of years, I am sure you will agree we have seen the number of attendees grow year over year, but the one constant is the great stories and conversations that we get to have.
Whether it is the key notes or the hundreds of sessions available, there is something for everyone to experience while at the show. One of the main themes this year was “Empowerment.”  Empower not just IT, but empower your business and empower your customers. There is a new focus on how workers and customers expect support and want to interact with the organization. It is not about customizing a platform and telling your clients how to interact with you, it is about understanding how they want to interact with the organization and deliver that enhanced customer experience.

This can be via a Google/Amazon-like service portal, mobility, 24/7 support utilizing virtual agents and knowledge, or giving your business the right tools at the right time to answer questions, expedite service, monitor and provide your stakeholders or executive team with the visibility they need to understand how their services are running. It is that combination of services that make ServiceNow the platform of choice for so many.
This show proves that ServiceNow and its many talented customers are listening to their users and innovating to meet the needs and continue to take ServiceNow to the next level. The insight we were given into Madrid, New York and Orlando shows the continued development of the platform. There is the strong focus on mobile, AI, Workflows and Agent Workspace — not to mention the focus on Customer Service Management! The mobile experience is something that we at CDI hear from our clients that would allow them to deliver the next generation of improved customer experience, both internally and externally.

One of the main themes we discussed with attendees on the tradeshow floor is customer experience. We are thankful to the many motivated and eager users of the Now Platform that wanted to share their experience with us and see how CDI could help them fix what was broken with their current implementation, or how they can enhance what was working to empower their organization.  We also spoke about how to have a successful launch or relaunch. The Now Platform has so many offerings to enhance your business and to be successful you need to roadmap your implementation to give your organization the best return on their investment and the biggest impact to the organization. Remember it is not set it and forget it, it is a journey.
We also had the opportunity to interact with many of our current and prospective customers at our CDI events. I want to thank everyone that attended our events and look forward to your new and continued partnerships.
We’re excited for the new and innovative ways we will be working with our clients over the coming year, helping empower them to meet their business needs now and for many years to come.

See you next year in Orlando for Knowledge20!

Knowledge19: Recapping a Week of Digital Transformation

Edward Smoke, Senior Solutions Architect, CDI

Edward Smoke, Senior Solutions Architect, CDI, has over two decades of senior-level IT and management experience. Most recently, he served as the Associate Vice President of Information Technology Customer Experience for the NBA, where he was responsible for the ServiceNow platform, first-level service desk, desktop support, desktop engineering and asset management. Edward has lead development for various ITSM practices, is a Certified System Administrator within ServiceNow and holds many other industry certifications including ITIL Foundation 3.0 in IT Service Management, ITIL IT Service Strategy, and ITIL IT Service Design.

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