Elevate your project game with our Program Management (PgM) solution – a dynamic framework meticulously designed to conquer the challenges of handling multiple projects aligned to the same client.

Key Project Thresholds
  • Strategic Project Consideration: Elevate your projects with a Program Manager (PgM) – not just recommended, but essential for projects with substantial scope.
  • Challenge Resolution for Difficult Clients: Our PgM alignment specializes in resolving challenges, making it imperative for clients with unique demands.
  • Premium Customer Experience: Tailored for clients expecting a high-touch experience, our program management ensures a personalized touch throughout the project lifecycle.
PgM Mindset: Driving Success
  • Holistic Project Expertise: Beyond a role, a PgM embodies a mindset, to seamlessly steer teams, projects, and clients to successful outcomes.
  • Strategic Control: From meticulous project planning to decisive stakeholder communication, our PgMs collaborate seamlessly with the account team.
  • Innovative Power Play: Embrace cutting-edge offerings and technologies effortlessly, focusing on forging repeatable plans for future triumphs.
The Role of Program Managers (PgMs)

Our experienced PgMs are responsible for:

  • Project Coordination: Directing and coordinating resources, including PMs, to ensure project success.
  • Account Management: Assisting with roadmap planning, CDI expansion, and managing burn-down reporting and project budget.
  • Retrospective Reviews: Scheduling reviews at the end of projects for continuous improvement.
Seamless Administration
  • Project Management Support: Handling administrative tasks, including weekly status reporting, project timeline and phase/value management, resource coordination, and internal scheduling.
  • Strategic Interworking: Collaborating with Practice Leads for upsell options and aligning with new offerings or technologies.
  • Comprehensive Project Review: Drafting a detailed retrospective report and consolidating notes, ensuring valuable insights are documented in the Knowledge Base repository.


Sales input on a roadmap of projects exceeding or meeting specified qualifications is crucial for proper alignment from initial project execution. In the absence of clear definitions, a change order may be needed.

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Elevate your project management strategy with our Program Management solution. Unleash the full potential of your projects, driving them to successful conclusions and ensuring a premium customer experience.