Did You Know?

High Availability, Inc. is now a CDI Company

DID YOU KNOW… that High Availability, Inc. is now a CDI company?

High Availability, Inc. (H.A.) is a premier solution provider and integrator of data center, networking, security, mobility, collaboration and cloud strategy products and services.

Founded in 2000 and headquartered in the greater Philadelphia area, H.A. specializes in solving complex and unique business challenges by architecting and implementing customized, forward-thinking technical solutions.

CDI and H.A. – Better Together <3

  • Together we have the agility to give our customers a better way to flexibly scale their IT capabilities and streamline fundamental business tasks
  • White gloves are on! Our managed services capabilities just got even stronger
  • CDI and H.A. grew up in the data center and have both been delivering infrastructure services for over 20 years
  • Combining our award-winning services and capabilities allows to provide even more digital solutions to our customers
  • Our deep bench of talented engineers have been in the trenches, and they know the complexities of designing and integrating intricate solutions
  • An expanded geographical presence means we have more resources available for you, where – and when – you need them

IT is a fast-moving world of new ideas and developments. Together we can help ensure your organization is implementing the best of today’s technology in your data center and beyond.

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High Availability, Inc. is now a CDI Company