What Goes In To A Client Relationship

Client relationships are dynamic and involve many people within both your organization as well as theirs…

In my last blog I referenced the 9% of the clients who are strictly motivated by $$ (according to IDC) negating “relationship” in favor of a transaction. This equation leaves no room for loyalty. It’s a best price wins scenario: plain and simple.

I take offense to this mentality as a salesperson who spends a great deal time of time honing my craft. This includes pursuing certifications on the various technologies I represent, researching my prospective clients / clients, and understanding their culture and 1-3-5 year plans. It’s also a my personal goal to make sure that I understand what the client’s social stance is within their community. All of these things paint a picture of what sort of business partner this organization needs, and how I can more effectively provide exactly that.

These client relationships are dynamic. They involve many people within your organization and theirs. The key individuals from the CDI team are the principal architect, solution architect, post sales engineering team, and the project manager. These individuals are the ones who take the client’s business requirements and turn them into a functional solution. Confidence is cemented here.

My role, as I see it, is to coordinate and facilitate all that is needed for our clients. I advocate on their behalf and if I have done my job the client will be ours for a long time to come. Egos aside, this is not about who gets credit for the sale. Its about putting the right resources in the right place to facilitate what needs to happen.

I can only hope that my efforts with each perspective client will warrant an investment on their part. If it’s just about the quote, there are others who will take that role…but not me.

Until next time…where I will talk about what a successful sales team looks like.

What Goes In To A Client Relationship

Steve Lieberson

Steve Lieberson brings a wealth of sales and management experience to CDI’s expansion within the Philadelphia (Mid-Atlantic) territory. His unparalleled work ethic combined with his passion for cultivating client relationships has made Steve one of the area’s top salespeople within the Healthcare industry. Steve has his sights set on the Philly market, and his blog will echo his experiences through the journey of introducing CDI in a new territory.

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