Making Sense Of: Endpoint Security

Making Sense Of: Endpoint Security

Over the past six months, our security experts have spent more time discussing threat detection and recovery efforts than we have in the past six years combined. With threats from bad actors ramping up exponentially, now is the time for you to do your research on the many ways you can stay protected.

That is why we are rolling out a series of free webinars designed to make sense of all available security options. Join us for these regular, 30-minute educational webinars as some of the brightest minds in the industry detail what you can do to keep your business safe.

Endpoint Security

Across your business, how many different laptops, servers, desktops and mobile devices are being used? It’s a lot, right? And it can be a daunting task to protect each and every device from the malicious actors and campaigns that are attempting to disrupt your business.

Endpoint security (also known as endpoint protection) systems are one of the fastest growing sectors in the security marketplace. We used to think of this as the standard antivirus software installed on your device – but as threats have evolved, so has our security options. Come hear from CDI’s security experts as they go through the different tools at your disposal to protect your employees and their devices.

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