Computer Design & Integration LLC (CDI LLC) Announces New Automation Orchestration IT Solution

Hybrid Cloud Automation Framework Empowers IT to Build Agile Services


Computer Design & Integration LLC (CDI LLC) today announced the launch of a new IT solution: Hybrid Cloud Automation Framework (HCAF). HCAF is a framework made up of advisory, technology, and optimization services, solutions, and processes that empowers customers to build and deliver agile IT services. The hybrid, multi-level process is designed to help Enterprises optimize their IT project lifecycle and service delivery success. HCAF achieves these outcomes by applying a unique methodology that helps Enterprises plan, deliver, optimize and manage their environments in an automated and orchestrated manner.

Using industry-leading tools, HCAF allows Enterprises to build a robust hybrid cloud strategy around seamless provisioning and management of workloads—regardless of the cloud endpoint. HCAF deployments result in vastly improved efficiencies across the lines of business, regardless of vertical, and ultimately throughout the entire IT organization. As businesses begin to embrace multi-cloud fabric, HCAF addresses a market need for modernization and an improved user experience.

“HCAF empowers IT departments to take control of the chaotic and dynamic nature of workloads and services in a rapidly changing IT environment,” said Frank Romano, Vice President, Engineering and Service Delivery, CDI LLC. He added, “This flexible, agile framework allows clients to understand where the workloads are and what they’re doing in order to drive down operational budgets and increase efficiency. Regardless of an organization’s IT maturity model and where they are in their journey, HCAF empowers IT departments to become quicker, faster and stronger—to become powerful; not powerless—as they embrace the world of multi-clouds.”

With its real-time configuration management database (CMDB), HCAF offers an agile and robust repository that reflects the state of an organization’s assets and offers details about relationships and interdependencies. With this information, HCAF provides blueprints and workflows to automate IT tasks, drive efficiencies across a multi-cloud fabric, and orchestrate the entire process. Ultimately, HCAF helps design and deploy proper management controls, policies, and procedures.

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