Collateral for My Session at the HP Discover 2013 Conference

Yury Magalif

My presentation is called “TB2603 – Building VMware vSphere 5.1 with blades, Virtual Connect and EVA.”

Thank you to those who attended my session and filled out the survey! I hope to be back next year.

My presentation is called “TB2603 – Building VMware vSphere 5.1 with blades, Virtual Connect and EVA.”

The session will discuss how VMware ESXi 5.1 (vSphere) can be implemented on HP c-Class blades, Virtual Connect and EVA, as well as the Flex-10/10D module and WS460c Gen8 blade with eight GPUs. The presentation will focus on real-world VMware and HP best practices, including how to load balance storage area network paths, how to make Virtual Connect really “connect” to Cisco Internet protocol switches, how to configure virtual local area networks for the Virtual Connect modules and VMware virtual switches and how to solve firmware and driver headaches with Virtual Connect and ESXi 5.1. Attendees will also receive tips on design decisions. A basic understanding of VMware, c-Class blades and Virtual Connect is recommended.

Here are the collateral files for the session:

Download Slides

Download HP Documents – Lab Guide

Downloade HP Documents – HOL2653

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June 18, 2013 — Tuesday, 2-3 pm Eastern Standard Time (11 am – 12 pm Pacific Standard Time).

Yury Magalif

Yury Magalif, Chief Architect Managed Services Cloud Computing, CDI

Yury Magalif lives and breathes the latest End-User Computing (EUC), Desktop Virtualization (VDI), Cloud, Storage and Data Center technologies. He’s managed teams that have designed and implemented virtual infrastructure for clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies such as Walt Disney and Bank of America, to government entities like the New Jersey Department of Transportation and Columbia University. Yury is a frequent speaker and presenter at industry events, where his lectures are in the top 10 by attendance and score above 90 percent in satisfaction rate. As practice manager, End-User Computing (EUC) and Microsoft, at Computer Design & Integration LLC, Yury holds certificates from Cisco, VMware, Microsoft, EMC, HP and various other manufacturers.