VDI as a Service (VDIaaS)
Desktop as a Service (Daas)

VDI as a Service (VDIaaS) <br />Desktop as a Service (Daas)

Provides clients with a first-class hosted desktop virtualization solution that simplifies IT manageability and control, while delivering the highest fidelity end-user experience across all devices and networks, anytime and anyplace.


Benefits include:

Expansion made simple: Grow your business and scale your VDI deployment along with it, on-demand, with CDI Managed Services VDIaaS.

Access anywhere: Access from anywhere with a network connection.

BYOD client support: Access your virtual desktop from a host of devices: PC, Mac, Android Device, iPhone, or iPad.

Monitoring and support: Monitors hosted virtual desktop pool and provides regular updates and with system health checks.

Reliability and scalability: Guaranteed uptime for peace of mind and business stability.

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