Did You Know?

CDI Cloud Pay

DID YOU KNOW… that CDI Offers Financial Services?

CDI Financial Services is a full-service cloud financing company offering various products to help meet budgetary, financial and technology requirements in a hybrid cloud world. We understand that cloud economics are driving financial decision makers to resolve fixed asset requirements involved in running their business, and we offer white glove, high-touch financial options that are custom tailored for each client.



  • On-premise payment that hits your books like an AWS bill
  • Not a typical lease
  • No liability in taking title of equipment
  • Avoid asset depreciation
  • Ability to edit payments based on CAPEX cash flow
  • Only pay for portion of FMV used over the term
  • Can finance SW and ELAs
  • Flexibility to choose terms of extension and to extend at end of term
  • Not a CAPEX or OPEX spend on books: rental agreement = utility
  • Ability to rent for three years, and then return or extend rental period in years four plus
  • Can hedge bet if moved to cloud and not be left with large CAPEX bill
  • Not treated as debt on books

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CDI Cloud Pay