What is your business’ cyber security plan?

What is your business’ cyber security plan?

If you’re a small business owner, don’t think that hackers aren’t interested in you. Entrepreneur magazine recently ran a story, relying on data provided by computer security company Symantec, indicating that small businesses with one to 250 employees suffered 30 percent of all cyber crimes this past year. The message here? You need to establish a cyber security plan to protect your small business.

Anti-Virus Software Matters

The Entrepreneur story says that the first thing in any cyber security plan is anti-virus software. This software is critical for small business owners. Anti-virus software isn’t perfect, and particularly clever viruses can slip past it, but companies that don’t have any-virus protection are setting themselves up for an extensive hack.

Email Mistakes

Next, business owners need to make sure that their employees are aware of the need for deleting suspicious e-mail messages, whether sent by known or unknown senders. Businesses ought to remind their employees to never click on the links contained in these suspicious e-mail messages. Don’t assume all employees will listen or remember. But many will. Firewalls can also prevent employees from accessing potentially dangerous websites.
For more information, please view our YouTube video: “Introduction to Wi-Fi Security”

What is your business’ cyber security plan?

Nikole Smith-Toptas, Marketing Manager, CDI Managed Services

Nikole Smith-Toptas, marketing manager, CDI Managed Services, is a seasoned sales and marketing professional with over two decades of experience in business and project development, training program management, customer service and managing multi-functional work teams. She is an avid participant in sales training courses, workshops and seminars that helps her keep current with business trends. She also hosts Silver Lining in the Cloud, an Internet live streaming talk show featuring business executives discussing the challenges and solutions in the B2B sales cycle. As a member of numerous local professional organizations and various women’s executive networks, Nikole believes that building a strong contact network ensures business success. Her goal to impact an organization’s productivity for long term gain is bolstered by her vision of bringing purpose to a team in order, to foster healthy and productive relationships. In her spare time, she enjoys volunteering at children’s hospitals, senior centers and bible study groups. Nikole and her husband Mike have been married for 15 years and live in Johns Creek, GA. Together they enjoy traveling, fishing and developing new cuisines from their vegetable garden.