Did You Know?

Amazon Web Services

DID YOU KNOW… that CDI has formed a strategic relationship with AWS?

Combining the industry’s leading Amazon Web Services (AWS) management tool with incredibly talented cloud consultants, architects and award winning 24×7 support teams from CDI Managed Services (CDI MS) – we provide the most robust value-added solution for managing and optimizing your AWS environment, that includes:

  • SECURITY: Harness information that you need to meet many of your advanced security and compliance requirements.
  • CONTINUOUS MONITORING: Continuous AWS monitoring provides critical security, audit and visibility tools to help fulfill HIPAA, SEC, PCI, FISMA and other major compliance requirements.
  • COST MANAGEMENT: Proactive cost management capabilities help control and drive down AWS costs.
  • 24 X 7 AROUND-THE-CLOCK SUPPORT: Instant access to 24×7 support center, complete with problem escalation, all the way up to our cloud architect team.
  • STRATEGY AND REVIEW SESSIONS: Regular meeting cadence with assigned cloud consultant to review AWS health reports, cost management recommendations, areas of improvement and general consult.


DESIGN/DEPLOY: The expertise you need to help migrate to AWS – compile and update hundreds of design and deployment best practices for AWS configurations that affect security, cost and availability.

DEVOPS ENABLEMENT: Flexible services designed to build and deliver products using AWS and DevOps practices – simplify provisioning and managing infrastructure, deploy application code, automate software release processes and monitor application and infrastructure performance.

We understand the broad number of AWS offerings, and our team of experts allows you to focus on your business, while we architect the right solution for your needs and budget.

The AWS Cloud is comprised of extremely powerful tools, so it’s easy to see why Amazon Web Services has more than one million active customers. Let CDI Managed Services help you reach your cloud goals and learn more today.


Amazon Web Services