About CDI

Some of the most legendary tech companies famously started in garages. The garage is central to our origin story, as Eric Bakker and his wife Trish co-founded CDI in 1995 in their New York garage. With corporate headquarters now in New York City, and office locations across the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Southeast and Midwest, CDI has come a long way from its humble beginnings.

For over 25 years, CDI has been recognized as one of the top technology providers in the world, offering customers of all sizes the most up-to-date hybrid IT solutions. We focus on exceeding expectations and delivering exceptional customer experiences by developing and implementing digital solutions that enhance day-to-day workflow processes and support our client’s most strategic IT and business goals.

Our hybrid cloud infrastructure, digital workflow, intelligent operations, digital workspace and security solutions enable enterprises to accelerate their digital transformation by providing a solid infrastructure foundation.

We’ve experienced rapid growth over the last 12 months and there’s no slowing us down now. After entering a strategic partnership with One Equity Partners (“OEP”), we completed several key acquisitions, starting with Plan B Technologies Inc. in July 2020, followed by P5 Solutions Inc. in September 2020, and High Availability, Inc. and Kintyre Solutions, Inc. in early 2021.

From consultation to design, implementation, and support – we are your trusted partner, uniquely positioned with the required experience, exceptional talent, quality assurance and stability needed to solve today’s most complex challenges.

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Our Locations

New York, NY Teterboro, NJ Parsippany, NJ Roswell, GA Annapolis, MD Reston, VA Audubon, PA Denver, CO Wilmington, DE

We’ve been a part of thousands of customer engagements.
Here’s why.

Outcome Driven

Based on our collective experiences, we’ve developed a technical service methodology to ensure that each project is completed quickly and efficiently.

Engineering Expertise

CDI’s deeply certified engineers have been in the trenches and know the complexities of designing and integrating intricate solutions.

White Gloves are On

We’re dedicated to delivering high-touch service to each customer, with on-time and on-budget project completion.

We Know our Customers’ Businesses

Our industry expertise means we know—and can address—the specific needs of the type of business our customers are in.

  • 1995

    CDI founded with a consulting focus in the Bakker’s garage

  • 1997

    CDI begins infrastructure resale business

  • 1999

    CDI opens Teterboro, NJ office and establishes key strategic vendor partnerships

  • 2000

    CDI’s dominance in VMware virtualization accelerates growth

  • 2004

    CDI expands vendor partnerships with NYC as top revenue stream

  • 2007

    CDI opens NYC office location

  • 2009

    CDI acquires Ready Techs

  • 2010

    CDI acquires Radical Support and launches managed and cloud services

  • 2011

    CDI Converged Infrastructure Expertise accelerates growth

  • 2012

    CDI managed cloud and Infrastructure as a Service accelerates growth

    CDI acquired NE Computing

  • 2015

    CDI develops Hybrid Cloud Automation Framework (HCAF)

  • 2016

    CDI public cloud and automation wave accelerate growth

    CDI makes large investment in ServiceNow

  • 2017

    CDI Financial Services is established

  • 2018

    CDI developed Zero Touch Operations

  • 2019

    CDI achieves ServiceNow Elite partnership status

    One Equity Partners invests in CDI

  • 2020

    CDI acquires Plan B Technologies, Inc.

    CDI acquires P5 Solutions, Inc.

    CDI launches CDI Security Solutions

  • 2021-beyond

    CDI acquires High Availability, Inc.

    CDI acquires Kintyre Solutions, Inc.

    CDI continues geographic and solution expansion