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VMware and CDI – Paving the Foundation for the Future of End-User Computing

VMware has done very well in the marketplace with business growth in its end-user compute (EUC) division attributed largely to new technology such as Workspace ONE. Behind the brand and technology platforms are very real people who share common goals with us for shaping the workspace of the future. As this blog reveals, a recent on-site visit from a respected leader in EUC has solidified the innovative and refreshing partnership between CDI and VMware.

New innovation from VMware has continued to perform well in the marketplace, and we’ve seen some exciting developments in EUC this year. As reported online by Market Realist, VMware’s second quarter EUC growth was trending toward a 20% increase in sales over the same quarter last year. Total EUC bookings were up approximately 10% over last year. At the same time, the future of our strategic partnership between VMware and CDI has never looked brighter. And our affinity was greatly enhanced recently by the on-site visit of a respected leader in EUC.

My team and I were honored to host a meeting with Dale Carter, Senior Staff Architect of Professional Services, Engineering and EUC Specialist at VMware. In one of the first partner visits of its kind, Dale revealed how he is working with capable partner like CDI to strengthen and develop the VMware EUC product portfolio.

During this collaborative meeting, we shared our existing EUC challenges and discussed ways to remediate them. Expanding on these first two themes, we began drawing a clear roadmap charting the evolution of our niche markets. We exchanged ideas about how CDI and VMware can work together to deliver even greater value to our customers.

Dale’s visit to CDI truly demonstrates the success of the strong partnership that our EUC teams have cultivated by working together.

His visit also left a lasting impression upon my team. CDI Technical Consultant Ivan Baez later revealed the personal significance of the event, saying, “Over the course of my career, I’ve leveraged multiple KBs and VMware articles for direction and input. More often than not, Dale Carter was the author. To meet him in person, and speak the same technical language was a real treat.”

Because of the truly refreshing dialogue during our sessions with Dale, I can honestly say that I am looking forward to the continued alliance between VMware and CDI.

As the EUC marketplace continues to grow and evolve, I’m looking forward to working together to grow the EUC practice at CDI. We continue to focus our efforts on the development of new and improved strategies for the successful deployment of EUC projects.

VMware and CDI – Paving the Foundation for the Future of End-User Computing

Peter Alberto, Principal Architect, EUC, CDI

Peter Alberto, Principal Architect, End-User Computing, CDI LLC, is a technology expert with a passion for physical desktop computing, virtual desktop computing and mobile computing. In his current role, Peter deploys, manages and secures devices, applications and data that better enable workforce productivity. He holds many industry certifications such as VMware’s SME DTM v7 and is part of an elite team of IT professionals that were asked to write VMware’s Certified Professional 7 – Desktop and Mobility (VCP7-DTM). Peter holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the New Jersey Institute of Technology. In his spare time, Peter is an avid Jeep enthusiast and enjoys spending time with his children, Layla and Jayden.

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