Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

VDI Assessment
ROI Analysis Simplified | Definitive Goals Targeted | Analyze Applications for Readiness | Assess Infrastructure Readiness

Benefits & Features

  • Assess current IT infrastructure/applications for VDI readiness
  • Define target goals for VDI environments
  • Determine optimal delivery options
  • Help define and perform ROI analysis
  • Document the benefits to the business
  • Ease of management and maintenance of end-user experience

Is Your Organization Ready For Virtualization?

Virtualization can play a key role in meeting the demand of your highly connected workforce. If executed correctly, virtualiztion will solve many challenges of user desktop deployment by enabling isolation, encapsulation, and mobility while providing a dynamic on-demand environment. In many instances, this can be accomplished while reducing capital and operating costs. When deploying desktop virtualiztion, the initial pilot program usually performs well until you begin adding hundreds or thousands of users. The production can quickly become cost overrun, as there is greater risk for unexpected performance issues. Being able to meet your user demands of flexibility and freedom, means partnering with CDI to avoid unforeseen performance issues by leveraging the CDI Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Assessment.

CDI’s Virtualization Professional Services organization has years of experience architecting, implementing and supporting VDI solutions. Our Assessment can help determine the suitability of your organization to leverage the extended benefits of VDI. By flawlessly performing this assessment and establishing your goals ahead of time, CDI will help you reduce the potential risks associated with implementing a VDI solution.

Key Activities

System Architecture Review

  • Verify that current LAN infrastructure can support VDI
  • Verify current storage configurations
  • Validate current virtualization infrastructure
Prepare a virtual desktop deployment strategy

  • Analyze user requirements and expectations
  • Ensure application compatibility with VDI
  • Discuss VDI options and deploymentmethodologies

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