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Storage Solutions

When storage managers are asked about their challenges, data growth always tops the list. Next generation storage technology could make a difference. Next generation storage is required to stay ahead of the business curve. As enterprise storage solutions continue to evolve, CDI LLC is always one step ahead.

In addition to managing the massive volume of data, modern business needs and applications are driving significant demand for uber-performance, continual uptime, data interchange, mobile access and agility. It’s not just block storage — increasing files and nascent object storage are pushing the need for new, flexible and cost-effective storage approaches to address the data deluge.

While traditional storage models still have a stronghold on enterprise IT, we’re seeing many alternative storage models come to bear for a number of reasons.


Many IT organizations are turning to the cloud to drive down costs. The challenge of dealing with burgeoning types and volumes of data – often arriving unpredictably – is likely a key factor in users’ interest in the cloud. What’s more, organizations differ in their maturity, sophistication and thoughtfulness when it comes to planning how best to integrate off-premises cloud storage with a traditional on-premises infrastructure. Emerging software-defined technologies enable agility. Software-defined storage technologies hold promise as well.

With all these new technology options, storage is no longer just a necessary evil; storage, and how it’s approached, can have a huge impact on the top and bottom line.

Whether you want to accelerate a single application, create a hybrid environment or turbo charge your entire storage system, you get exactly what you need with CDI LLC’s renowned storage solutions, which is provided in conjunction with EMC as a certified Platinum Business Solution Provider.


  • Implementation Engineer Specialist Level
    • EMC Data Domain De-duplication, Backup and Recovery
    • Implementation Engineer, Data Domain Specialist
    • Implementation Engineer, Avamar Specialist
    • Implementation Engineer, Networker Specialist
    • Implementation Engineer, Data Protection Advisor Specialist
    • Implementation Engineer, Isilon Solutions Specialist
    • Implementation Engineer, Vspex Blue Solutions Specialist
    • Cloud Architect, Specialist
    • Data Scientist, Specialist
    • Implementation Engineer, RecoverPoint Specialist
    • Implementation Engineer, RecoverPoint/ SE Specialist
    • Implementation Engineer, Symmetrix Solutions Specialist
    • Implementation Engineer, VNX Solutions Specialist
    • Implementation Engineer, VPLEX Specialist
    • ViPR & ViPR SRM Deployment
    • XtremIO Deployment
  • Implementation Engineer Expert Level
    • Implementation Engineer, VNX Solutions Expert
    • Implementation Engineer, Avamar Expert
    • Implementation Engineer, Symmetrix Solutions Expert


Each storage and backup engineer needs to be certified on the products that they deliver. Once the certification is obtained, each engineer is required to take the Knowledge Maintenance Training, and go through a rigorous testing process to keep their certifications up to date. Knowledge maintenance follows the twice-a-year (April and October) EMC process. EMC Platinum Partners are required to hold a certain number of certifications to be achieved and updated in order to maintain its status.


  • #1 Ranked VCE Vblock partner North America
  • #1 Ranked EMC Partner across all three segments NY/NJ (SMB, Mid-market and Enterprise)
  • #4 Ranked EMC Partner in the United States (against National VARS)
  • EMC Partner of the year for 10+ Years
  • EMC Isilon Partner of the Year Award
  • VMware Solutions Partner of the Year
  • EMC VSPP Certified, vCloud Air Certified, EMC Premiere Professional Services Partner
  • Cisco Cloud Builder Partner of the Year in U.S.