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Software-Defined Networking and Data Center Solutions

If you are a cloud service provider and want to ensure customers/tenants can move their virtualized workloads without requiring much planning, Software-Defined Data and Networking (SDDN) may be the answer for you.

CDI LLC’s Software-Defined Data and Networking not only reduces the complexity seen in today’s networks, but also helps Cloud service providers host millions of virtual networks without the need for common separation isolation methods.

CDI LLC Professional Services helps you realize business value from your transformation to a Software-Defined Enterprise (SDE). We uncover and exploit the unique opportunities made possible by various products, technologies and solutions. We evaluate the technical and business requirements of SDE transformation so that we can address the people, process, control and financial measurement implications of both implementation and operation.


Cost Reduction: SDDN does not require a huge investment. The use of SDDN in a production environment can help reduce the costs involved in purchasing expensive hardware.

Overhead Reduction: Reducing the costs without impacting the productivity of your IT workforce is critical in today’s ever-increasing economic environment. CDI LLC’s core Software-Defined Data and Networking solutions can help address this issue.

Physical vs. Virtual Networking Management: Physical environments necessitate collaboration among different teams to get a task done. For example, if you require some modification at a physical networking device, it would often take a considerable amount of time and teamwork in most organizations before the task can be accomplished. CDI LLC’s SDDN solutions provide clients with the ability to control virtual and physical networking by using a central management tool that allows you to process the necessary changes without the need to collaborate with different teams.

Reduced Downtime: With CDI LLC’s SDDN, we help our clients with virtualization of their physical networking devices, making it easy to perform an upgrade for one piece rather than needing to do it for several devices.

Isolation and Traffic Control: Cloud service providers can benefit from centralizing the networking control using a central management tool. CDI LLC can also define the traffic rules using SDN/SDDC management consoles, which helps in providing full control over the network traffic.

Extensibility: Since SDN/SDDC is software-based, it allows for easy-to-use API references for vendors to extend the capabilities of an SDN/SDDC solution by developing applications to control the behavior of networking traffic.

Central Networking Management Tool: CDI LLC’s Software-Defined solutions can deliver all your networking needs in one product, enabling you to control every piece of an organization’s network using a central management tool.


We work with you to put the right solution in place and to provide the knowledge and skills you need to get the most out of the implemented solution.

Take advantage and experience key benefits achieved just from our top-of-the-line assessment model.


  • Helps identify management and administration challenges.
  • Provides insight into software-defined storage, networking and compute.
  • Reduces operating costs.
  • Complements your in-house IT team with CDI architecture expertise provided by CDI network consultants.
  • Helps to identify opportunities where SDDC can positively impact business results.
  • Provides documented baseline results and recommendations aimed at the network architecture, stability and overall readiness for SDDC.

Expected software-defined data center deployments are the key to next-generation IT, and guarantee to provide better security, application performance and simplified management without impacting current network activity. CDI LLC, the leader and top premier partner to SDDC and SDN OEMs, has the professional service and expertise needed to keep you on the track to IT business solution success, now and into the future.