Technology Solutions

Collaboration, Voice, and Video Solutions

Deliver Business Value to Achieve Business Goals with Collaboration Technology

Collaboration solutions span a wide variety of technologies, including Collaboration Endpoints, Conferencing, Customer Collaboration and Unified Communications—all with mobility in mind. With CDI LLC’s Collaboration Services, your organization can plan for new collaborative initiatives and technologies, leading to ease-of-deployment and management of all collaboration-based infrastructure, providing greater visibility and responsiveness.

CDI LLC specializes in the delivery of collaborative business solutions, delivering business value to achieve Your organization’s business goals:

  • Align technology decisions with business requirements and unlock the value of collaboration.
  • Manage costs, increase the speed of deployment and demonstrate a rapid return on investment.
  • Identify and resolve issues quickly to improve uptime and keep existing processes running smoothly.
  • Successfully integrate existing databases with new collaboration tools and platforms to deliver a unified user experience.


CDI LLC’s Unified Communications Business Solutions implement applications that run in a virtualized environment, which includes VMware, Cisco Unified Computing System servers and Fibre Channel SAN storage.

CDI LLC’s focus lies in deployment flexibility for easy adaptation to your business, improving productivity and resource use to achieve:

  • Improved total cost of ownership, with fewer infrastructure components to purchase and fewer elements to manage.
  • Scalability so that you can add more software and services without increasing cooling, power, space or cabling costs.
  • Management tool consolidation, so administrators can use familiar single tools or sets of tools to reduce operating costs.
  • Simpler installation and upgrades through service profiles, virtual machines and centralized management.


  • Encourage a collaboration-led change: Make it possible for your people to get access to the latest tools and disciplines for collaboration.
  • Enable secure collaboration across any workspace: Embrace powerful ways to collaborate with coworkers, partners and customers across any workspace.


  • Customer satisfaction: Create more interactive and collaborative relationships with customers.
  • Cost control: Simplify technology, reducing the total cost of IT ownership, and adapt more flexibly to change.
  • Innovation and growth: Accelerate the development of new ideas to support new products, process improvements or growth.
  • Productivity: Simplify communications, accelerate decision-making and unlock innovation.
  • Employee engagement: Provide employees with better information access, flexible work options, and more ways to participate greatest assets.

Lower your cost of ownership, increase agility and protect your investment with CDI LLC’s Unified Communication Business Solutions and optimize your communications operations with next-generation integrated data center systems.

CDI LLC’s leading collaboration tools help you learn how to manage change so it doesn’t manage you—empowering you to uncover the real value of your assets.