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Today’s business climate requires increased agility, and cloud computing can deliver that by providing scalable, flexible and cost-effective IT. Cloud-enabled services are the next wave transforming how businesses capitalize on information technology, and that in turn drives the next evolution in the processes, roles, skills and structure of IT organizations. Today’s CIOs must exercise extraordinary leadership to make the transition and unleash new business value.

CDI LLC’s leading cloud computing business solutions accelerate every phase of your transformation to IT-as-a-service (ITaaS) as part of the journey to cloud computing.


  • IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS): Business stakeholders want to consume IT services in a more responsive and flexible way. CDI LLC can help you to transform your organizational roles and operational processes to improve efficiency and business alignment.
  • End-user Computing: Our clients and all end users want access to information anywhere, on any device, in a way that’s secure, reliable and scalable. CDI LLC maximizes the value of your end-user computing architecture with strategy, planning, design and implementation services.
  • Cloud-optimized Applications: Application stakeholders seek a cloud delivery model that addresses economic, trust and functionality requirements. CDI LLC, together with industry leading partners, optimizes your mission-critical applications for the cloud to take advantage of the benefits of public, private and hybrid clouds.
  • Cloud Infrastructure: A cloud-optimized infrastructure is the foundation for an agile, cost-effective, transformed IT architecture. CDI LLC can help you to transform your IT infrastructure to a cloud-operating model.

CDI LLC will take you through the journey of the cloud—from private to public to the hybrid cloud—unifying the best of private and public clouds into an all-encompassing hybrid cloud solution.

Cloud-based business solutions gives end users greater empowerment for greater reliability, flexibility, control and agile business growth.


Hybrid Cloud Infrastructures let CIOs and CTOs respond quickly to their line of business enabling rapid infrastructure and services delivery. Implementing IT solutions that businesses require through the hybrid cloud is quintessential for optimal performance. By enabling the hybrid cloud for our clients, CDI LLC can build the solid foundation that is needed to offer additional services with agility, while still maintaining corporate standards.


  • IT organizations are competing for customers with shadow IT: End users and LOBs are circumventing corporate IT in favor of public cloud offerings that are not available internally. This approach adds risk, cost and complexity to the management of each application. Adherence to corporate standards for protection, security and availability are compromised.
  • The ability to use public cloud services: IT wants to use public and private cloud, but reorganizing for cloud is hard and expensive. In addition, IT can neither access control across all clouds, nor get them to work together.
  • IT must be able to demonstrate value to the business: IT organizations are seen as a cost center by the business and are looking for ways to better determine project and investment priorities as they manage their data centers to narrowing budget resources.


  • Connect your private cloud with the public cloud
    • Customers can rapidly and seamlessly extend their private data center into the public cloud using the same tools and processes they already have in place.
    • IT can leverage its existing investments, keeping costs low while eliminating the need to learn new virtualization, management and operations, storage and backup technologies.
  • Self-service and on-demand cloud-enabled services deliver the resources that customers/end-users need, and still adhere to IT standards:
    • Users have the ability to provision new storage, backup, database and platform services, and make on-the-fly changes to existing services. Admins have the ability to configure the policies that drive those services.
    • From basic virtual servers to complex, multi-machine application blueprints, the self-service portal becomes the one-stop shop for delivering new IT offerings.
    • This is truly a self-service environment that can easily be expanded to fit new use cases as they develop.
  • The architecture for modern applications is changing:
    • IT needs to support not only the applications the businesses run today, but also the applications they will develop tomorrow on the new architecture.
    • By connecting Private Cloud resources with Public Cloud resources through the Hybrid cloud, IT can manage both traditional and next-gen applications together in a way that is consistent and seamless to the end user.

CDI’s cutting-edge Hybrid Cloud solutions provide increased visibility into the true costs of IT services and map resource consumption to the application and infrastructure owners. Enabling the hybrid cloud allows our customers to rapidly extend their data center and applications into the cloud using the same tools and processes they already have in place.

CDI Managed Services deploys top-ranked hybrid cloud based solutions, including disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS), backup as a service (BaaS), desktop/VDI as a service (DaaS), as well as the core hybrid cloud managed services solution, infrastructure as a service (Iaas).

The Outcome: Delivery of Optimized Applications & Business Processes