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New Spark Board Changing the Game in Network Videoconferencing and Collaboration

Tony Cuevas

I Spark, you Spark, and pretty soon we’ll all Spark with Cisco Spark Board, the game-changing new addition to the Cisco Spark collaboration platform that also supports smartphones, desktop clients, desk phones, and Telepresence endpoints. Learn why your unified communications portfolio won’t be complete without this all-in-one 4K digital whiteboard and screen-sharing presentation tool.

By Tony Cuevas

Elastic Amazon Dominates Global Cloud

William Chin

Amazon Web Services has strengthened its firm grip on hybrid cloud. Driven by the evolution of Internet-of-Things, we could witness a hyper-optimized, hyper-scaled future without servers where information is fed into endpoints in the AWS cloud for processing.

By William Chin

Don’t Make Big Decisions without Big Data

George Gosselin

As a business executive or senior manager, no one doubts your experience or ability to lead based on raw instincts alone… but massive amounts of historic, current, and predictive trending data are also readily available right now to help you. There’s never been a better time to leverage the power of big data analytics to accelerate your data-driven revenue and performance goals.

By George Gosselin

New Year’s Resolution for IT Companies: Pay More Attention to Branding

Stephanie Clark

Your brand is a promise. It communicates with your customer even while you sleep at night. It’s also a symbol for your business model that distinguishes you from your competitors. Tech firms of any size from small startup to enterprise giant must put a focus on effective marketing efforts.

By Stephanie Clark

How to Migrate to Hybrid Cloud

Angelo Richichi

Part 1 of 2: Read this first, before you embark on your migration journey to the hybrid cloud with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, CDI, or any other cloud services partner or provider.

By Angelo Richichi

Leaders Play Pivotal Role in Transforming IT Talent

Tony Daniello

Embrace IT transitions by recognizing core talents and strengths, leveraging prior experience, building a culture of passion and resilience, and preparing teams for what’s next.

By Tony Daniello