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Successful Tips for Appointment Setting

Nikole Smith-Toptas

Breaking into new accounts and setting meetings is one of the most difficult tasks in sales. But if you want to be successful in sales, you need to be able to build your own pipeline and drum up your own business.

By Nikole Smith-Toptas

Virtualize and Secure Networks with NSX

Tony Cuevas

VMware NSX is a network virtualization platform that delivers logical networking and security services for software-defined data centers (SDDC). Switching, routing, load balancing, and firewalling are embedded in the hypervisor and distributed across the environment. Below, Tony Cuevas reveals his favorite NSX features and breaks the platform down by its core components and essential services.

By Tony Cuevas

Don’t Overcomplicate Your Cloud

Gary Sadykov

When I first joined WQIS over three years ago, my first order of businesses was to clean up an overly complex, expensive, and aging IT infrastructure. Having worked as a technology executive in the insurance industry for many years, I knew that availability, simplicity, agility, security, and risk mitigation were the fundamental requirements of the business. As a CTO with a relatively small IT staff, I needed to provide a high-level of service to my customers (both internal and external) without asking for additional FTEs or increased CapEx.

By Gary Sadykov

Cut Downtime and CutOver Faster: 15 Tips for Non-Disruptive VMAX3 Migrations

Phillip Nau

Do you know the best way to migrate a host from one array to another, with no downtime, and very limited work required at the client side? Discover the benefits and opportunities that await you with the new Non-Disruptive Migration (NDM) technology embedded in the VMAX series of enterprise storage arrays.

By Phillip Nau

Your Guide to the 2017 New York City AWS Summit

Imran Ahmed

In just one week’s time, the Amazon Web Services community here in New York City will find itself coming together again for the annual AWS Summit. The AWS Summit is a free event designed to bring together the public cloud community, with the goal of cross-pollinating end-user and industry experience in the public cloud space.

By Imran Ahmed

Is DevOps Still the Elephant in Your Room?

Jim Silvera

(Part 2 of 2: HCAF Integration with VMware) Maybe it’s time to expand the size of your room. Adopt a more inclusive infrastructure-as-code culture and drive change throughout your entire organization. Discover how your cross-functional business units can also benefit. Engineer new possibilities, enhance performance, and redefine processes to accelerate the pace of change.

By Jim Silvera