Managed Services


Protect applications and data against human error, natural disasters, corporate espionage and other scenarios that can bring down a data center without warning.

Replicate your mission-critical applications and data to CDI Managed Services’ secure, compliant and geographically dispersed cloud data centers. Tailored SLAs ensure your infrastructure is up and running according to Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) keeping downtime to a minimum and data protection to a granular level for fast recovery.

CDI offers 20 years of expertise in Data Center infrastructure technologies. CDI Managed Services’ Disaster Recovery as a Service is powered by Zerto and EMC Recoverpoint for robust data recovery and rapid replication.



  • Remote failover in CDI cloud in the event of a complete outage
  • Software only: No capital expenditures, no changes to environment
  • Remote, simple, fast, install: Installs in hours without onsite support
  • Integrates with existing cloud management systems
  • 100% VMware: Replicates specific VMs regardless of LUNs
  • Full integration into VMware vCloud Director, enabling simplified and centralized management while ensuring security

Rapid Cloud Based Recovery
Restore operations in minutes with rapid recovery and real-time data replication.

Near-Zero Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) – Set Recovery Time Objectives for key IT systems and business processes. Replicate real-time copies of your virtualized applications and data with near-zero time RTO to restore critical infrastructure applications and data, fast, in the case of disaster or for compliance requirements.

Granular Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) – Set Recovery Point Objectives points from 1- 120 hours for granular recovery specifications and business continuity requirements. Simplify the creation and maintenance of DR procedures.

  • Offsite backup: Continuous data protection for customer-defined retention periods, with the ability to retain daily, weekly and monthly copies of data at the replication site
  • Enterprise-class BC/DR and CDP: Continuous replication, low RTO/RPO and journal-based, point-in-time recovery
  • vCloud Director integration: Seamlessly protects and recovers vApps

Geographically Dispersed Data Centers
Public and private cloud workload replication for maximum redundancy

Hypervisor-based asynchronous replication technologies replicate workloads to multiple geographically dispersed data centers around the U.S. for maximum redundancy and security.  Organizations can choose to replicate workloads to private clouds and public clouds such as AWS, Azure and others for tailored redundancy strategies. CDI’s geographically dispersed data centers and DR seating strategy enables your organization to be operational no matter where an outage has occurred.

  • Array agnostic: Replicates from any storage to any storage
  • vCenter to vCloud replication: Replicates between vCenter and vCloud environments
  • Workload migration: Migrates workloads to the cloud and in the cloud
  • WAN optimization: Built-in WAN compression and application policies

Compliant Enterprise Storage Datacenters
Solidify your business continuity and Disaster Recovery (DR) plan

Fully Compliant Disaster Recovery Plans – CDI Managed Services data centers are SOC II Type II certified providing support for all phases of Disaster Recovery (DR) plans including; planning, preparation, execution and reporting.

Failover Testing – Put your Disaster Recovery Plan to the test.  Conduct failover to ensure all infrastructures work for compliance and preparedness. Automated, immediate failover testing and validation gives organizations confidence they are prepared for any event.

  • Automated recovery: One-click recovery, including VM/vApp creation and network configuration
  • Automated Failover/Failback: Client site to CDI Cloud or CDI Cloud to Cloud Replication and failover

Disaster Recovery As A Service

For more information about DRaaS solutions call CDI 800.234.5531 or complete the form below. CDI Managed Services has 20+ years of experience enabling organizations to recover in the event of a widespread outage.

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AICPA Service Organizations SOC2 Certification
Compliance Assured

SOC 2 certified CDI Managed Services’ operates at the highest level of standards in data security and availability.

Managed Services Features

  • Deep monitoring of a large breadth of network attached devices
  • Around-the-clock remote remediation and escalation
  • Powerful alerting engine
  • Multiple shift awareness
  • Powerful dashboard views and reporting
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