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Managed Services

Managed Services
Managed IT Services Overview

CDI Managed Services helps companies with the most stringent IT requirements increase operational efficiencies and reduce operational costs by providing proactive managed technology solutions at a fixed monthly rate. CDI Managed Services customers show dramatic improvements in technology Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) while typically reducing operational costs by up to 30%.


  • First fixed-fee unlimited support provider bundling proactive network monitoring, maintenance and unlimited support
  • Over 1000 servers and 6000 desktops under management
  • Complete IT Lifecycle Capable > Design > Build > Manage
  • Ranked 29th Most Progressive MSP in the World in 2007
  • Selected INC 5000 fastest growing companies in 2009 & 2010

CDI Managed IT Services Atlanta, Charlotte, New Jersey, New York and Philadelphia

CDI Managed Services offices are located in Atlanta, Charlotte, New Jersey, New York and Philadelphia. Call 888-524-3877 to learn more about CDI Managed IT Services.

The Hybrid Cloud

Services Enabled By CDI Managed Services Hybrid Cloud Solutions

  • Infrastructure-as-a-Service
  • Backup-as-a-Service
  • Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service
  • Platform-as-a-Service
  • Database-as-a-Service


  • DIFFICULTY OF CLOUD ADOPTION: Businesses demand that IT deliver cost-effective clouds. Yet IT often sticks with old processes, convinced they should keep applications onsite to maintain control and reduce risk. The rise of “shadow IT,” in which users sidestep IT to get quick and cheap resources, shows change is inevitable.

    CDI Managed Services, Leading Cloud Service Provider, offers easily deployed cloud options for IT to serve the business simply and reassert policies.

 Businesses demand that IT cut costs while increasing service quality and scale. They also seek to convert IT from a capital expenditure to an operational expense to avoid out-year capital expense and depreciation.

    With CDI Managed Services, having also the advantage of CDI Enterprise Business Solutions, IT now becomes a cloud broker, consuming and tracking cloud resources as a transparent monthly expense.

IT must keep all options on the table as it tests ways to meet dynamic business requirements. Applications must be ready to move between clouds, on premise or off.

    As an EMC CSPs, CDI Managed Services delivers consistent choice and agility without lock in. We require no extensive app code re-writes to change clouds.

Service Levels

Through a single pane of glass monitoring and management platform CDI is able to deliver customizable service levels to our clients. Whether your organization is in need of complete managed services for your entire infrastructure or you require off hour resources and support, CDI can tailor a solution to your needs. Leveraging our IT Operations Platform (powered by Vistara) CDI NOC resources have a granular view into your environment with the ability to perform the following tasks:

Event management, incident management & proactive maintenance

  • Single pane of glass
  • Alert aggregation
  • Event correlation layer
  • Alert Processing Enrichment

Incident management

  • Routine & recurring incident remediation
  • Runbook development
  • Runbook automation
  • Application production support

Proactive maintenance

Application dependency visibility

Comprehensive visibility

Metrics, reporting & visibility


CDI Service Levels Infographic

IT Operations Platform

As complexity increases in IT operations the need for a hardened support structure is critical. IT resources and teams are stretched thin to support their environment while also being tasked with projects to innovate the organization. As demand for new applications and platforms arise a system to support the infrastructure is needed. This is where CDI’s Enterprise Command Center emerges as the single pane of glass resource to monitoring and co-manage environments across a large variety of technology stacks and manufacturers.

Is your organization experiencing any of these issues today:

  • Not being the “first to know” on major IT outages
  • Freeing up high end staff from doing first-level incident management – no centralized NOC operations
  • Significant investment in toolsets but toolsets are disjointed and not integrated
  • Getting visibility and management of “modern IT” (from on premise to cloud in an integrated fashion)
  • Lack of consistent and repeatable operations – not enough automation of manual IT operations processes
  • Lack application dependency mapping, application monitoring and production support
  • Transforming to a “IT-as-a-Service-provider” model
  • Identify avenues to reduce IT operational cost


CDI IT Operations Infographic

AICPA Service Organizations SOC2 Certification


SOC 2 certified CDI Managed Services’ operates at the highest level of standards in data security and availability.

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AICPA Service Organizations SOC2 Certification
Compliance Assured

SOC 2 certified CDI Managed Services’ operates at the highest level of standards in data security and availability.

Managed Services Features

  • Deep monitoring of a large breadth of network attached devices
  • Around-the-clock remote remediation and escalation
  • Powerful alerting engine
  • Multiple shift awareness
  • Powerful dashboard views and reporting
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