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Hybrid Cloud Solutions Center

Introducing our newly reconfigured Hybrid Cloud Solutions Center – a multi-million dollar Center of Excellence focused on operationalizing innovative, disruptive, and emerging technologies.

At our Hybrid Cloud Solutions Center, you’ll have access to our industry expert architects and engineers for a hands-on experience in exploring new technologies and creating a personalized cloud solution for your environment.

A briefing at our Hybrid Cloud Solutions Center showcases full application lifecycle management and will provide:

  • Multi-vendor solution integration and testing
  • Competitive solution “bake offs”
  • Performance benchmark testing across compute,
    storage (all-flash), converged infrastructure and
    Hyper-Converged Infrastructure
  • Best practices and references libraries
  • Cloud tiering and integration POCs with AWS, Azure and CDI Cloud
  • Workflow automation and orchestration: commission and decommission workflows, service catalogue, “real time” CMDB
  • Cloud management and DevOps

CDI LLC will happily arrange for transportation to and from our Hybrid Cloud Solutions Center, so contact us today to schedule your test drive and download our full overview.

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Hybrid Cloud Solutions Center